Siluria Brewing Company


What’s On Tap

Brewing a nice blend of beers for opening months. Our taps rotate frequently so keep checking back or drop by to see what’s available.

Lady Grace Pom Wheat

Lady Grace Wheat is a blend of barley and wheat combined with Belgian yeast to produce a crisp and refreshing wheat beer with an added splash of pomegranate to provide a fruity finish.

Boxcar Blonde

Boxcar Blonde is a unique style of beer in that it is fermented with ale yeast but then finished with lagering. The result is the best of both worlds: A light easy drinking pale that finishes crisp and clean. Brewed with British grains, German yeast, and American hops.

Quarry IPA | 6% ABV

Quarry IPA is brewed with British malts and yeast to provide for a nice malty body and Columbus hops to provide for a floral and citrus flavor/aroma. This combination creates a well-balanced IPA showcases a balancing act of flavor of the hops, grains, and yeast used to produce this beer.

Buck Creek Stout | 6.1% ABV

Brewed with a heavy dose of roasted barley to provide for the familiar stout taste. This beer contains added oats in order to improve the smoothness and mouthfeel of the beer along with a small number of crystal malts to balance the sweetness and roast to make a stout that everyone can enjoy.

Our Story

Siluria Brewing Company, LLC, is the idea of an Army Veteran and his wife, a Dental Hygienist. The brewery is located in Alabaster, Alabama and will provide an atmosphere that reflects the history of Siluria/Alabaster, Alabama. We are avid fans of craft beer that could never find a local establishment that truly reflects the town that we call home. After giving home-brewing a shot, we decided to take a leap of faith to provide Alabaster with its own craft beer. We met up with an IT Security Specialist with a passion for craft beer and making it in the best traditional way. Our vision is to promote the sheer fun of artisan craft brewing with a local flair. Once our customers taste the product, they will know the quality and care that goes into every pint.

Recent News and Updates

Alabaster Reporter: Siluria Brewing sets opening date.

By NEAL WAGNER / Managing Editor ALABASTER – During their friends and family preview night on Oct. 30, Siluria Brewing Company owners Danny and Tammy Sample had to take a moment to step back and reflect on the journey they’ve been through over the past few...


Morning folks. Blogging is not my best attribute so I thought I would try and add a few things this morning. First of all, we are not an imaginary idea, it may seem that way with all the delays. We are continuing to work the permit process through Alabaster as well as...

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